Its trajectory began in 1989.

Create contemporary jewelery in silver, bronze, glass, ceramic glazes… .. in continuous evolution. Her concern to work and learn new techniques guarantees that each piece has a unique character, knowing that artisan work has to contribute values that industrial jewelery does not offer and that there is a unique person for each jewel.

His pieces have been exhibited in Galleries and Museums in Spain, Italy, Buenos Aires, France, and the Czech Republic.

She has received several awards and mentions for her work, and has been selected in numerous one-piece competitions, the most relevant being those received by the Crafts Area of the Ministry of Economy and Employment of the Community of Madrid, in 2001, 2002, and 2003, and by the San Fernando de Henares City Council where, in 2016, it obtained the First Prize for Unique Artisan Piece.

It has been part of Perill Workshop , from the CAVE CANEM Group, El Taller del Codo and CS.CB.

His career has been collected in media such as Cosmopolitan magazine, Nuevo Estilo, Oficio y Arte, El País de las Tentaciones ... among many others.