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The Sixty Six collection is inspired by the ancient concepts of numerology that relate to the planets and their "number vibration".

According to numerologists, numbers are much more than a way of measuring or quantifying what exists around us. In 530 BC, Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, methodically developed a relationship between the planets and their "numerical vibration." He believed that the universe should be seen as a harmonious whole, where everything emits a sound or vibration.

In numerology, numbers are said to be one of the highest and most perfect human concepts. According to those who practice it, numerology is the discipline that aims to investigate the "secret vibration" of that code and teach how to use numbers to their benefit, through the study of their influence on people, animals.

The number 66 represents a composite energy that contains the ideas of:

    • Optimism
    • Creativity
    • Inspiration
    • Social interaction
    • Idealism
    • Imagination
    • Affective communication
    • Tolerance
    • Joy
    • Responsibility
    • Dynamism
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